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<title>Maxies Design Methoden Sammlung</title>
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<h1>Maxies Design Methoden Sammlung</h1>
<h2>Design Sprints</h2>
<p>Sprints are a great way of kicking off a product or improve an existing one. They focus on getting to tested ideas as quick as possible. A sprint is a 5-day process, that lets teams collaborate in many sub-exercises. Read more on design sprints here</p>
<p>Personas are finctional characters and represent your users.</p>
<p>Interviews really are the crux of the Inspiration phase. Human-centered design is about getting to the people you’re designing for and hearing from them in their own words. Interviews can be a bit daunting, but by following these steps below you’ll unlock all kinds of insights and understanding that you’ll never get sitting behind your desk. Whenever possible, conduct your interviews in the interviewee’s space. You can learn so much about a person’s mindset, behavior, and lifestyle by talking with them where they live or work.</p>