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🍀 is an easy-to-use programming language made entirely of emojis.

🍀 aims to create a clear, understandable, and powerful programming language.

🍀 is for both beginner and expert programmers.

🍀 makes use of emojis to create a universally understandable syntax.

Beginner programmer, ready for a first language? Novice programmer, want another language under your belt? Expert programmer, looking for something a little more powerful? Give 🍀 a shot!

🍀 is still a work in progress, so please help contribute!

Final Goals

  • Compiler
  • Awesome libraries


  • IDE app (Android, iOS, WinPhone)
  • Virtual keyboard app
  • Custom emoji font, tailored for 🍀 programming


  • IDE
  • Key-mapping software
  • Custom keycaps, to be placed on physical keyboards
  • Custom physical mechanical keyboard

Current Work

  • Sample code
  • Formal language specification
  • Tokens list
  • Lexer
  • Syntax
  • Parser


Most development goes on in the IRC channel on Rizon, on the #🍀 channel.