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v0.5.0 and v0.6.0

Maintenance release without any new features.

These are created to account for breaking changes within the dependency graph of gitoxide crates. Due to some blunders in the past the version on could not be installed anymore. This was eventually fixed with new minor releases across the ecosystem.

Finally, yet another breaking change due to the introduction of the git-hash crate to break a dependency cycle between git-object and git-features caused yet another maintenance release.


  • fix installation via cargo install


  • add remote-ref-list and pack-receive subcommands to gixp

CLI Breaking

  • rename plumbing sub-command from index-from-pack to pack-index-from-data


  • add pack-explode and pack-index-from-data sub-commands
  • massive speed improvements for pack-verify

Many small and possibly breaking changes are not mentioned here.


  • Initial release with pack-verify