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# Ensure stdin is a tty
[[ ! -o interactive ]] && return 0
# Avoid loading this file more than once
if [[ "$__MCFLY_LOADED" == "loaded" ]]; then
return 0
# Ensure HISTFILE exists.
export HISTFILE="${HISTFILE:-$HOME/.zsh_history}"
if [[ ! -r "${HISTFILE}" ]]; then
echo "McFly: ${HISTFILE} does not exist or is not readable. Please fix this or set HISTFILE to something else before using McFly."
return 1
# MCFLY_SESSION_ID is used by McFly internally to keep track of the commands from a particular terminal session.
export MCFLY_SESSION_ID=$(command dd if=/dev/urandom bs=256 count=1 2> /dev/null | LC_ALL=C command tr -dc 'a-zA-Z0-9' | command head -c 24)
# Find the binary
MCFLY_PATH=${MCFLY_PATH:-$(which mcfly)}
if [[ -z "$MCFLY_PATH" || "$MCFLY_PATH" == "mcfly not found" ]]; then
echo "Cannot find the mcfly binary, please make sure that mcfly is in your path before sourcing mcfly.zsh."
return 1
# Required for commented out mcfly search commands to work.
setopt interactive_comments # allow comments in interactive shells (like Bash does)
# McFly's temporary, per-session history file.
if [[ ! -f "${MCFLY_HISTORY}" ]]; then
export MCFLY_HISTORY=$(command mktemp -t mcfly.XXXXXXXX)
# Setup a function to be used by $PROMPT_COMMAND.
function mcfly_prompt_command {
local exit_code=$? # Record exit status of previous command.
# Populate McFly's temporary, per-session history file from recent commands in the shell's primary HISTFILE.
if [[ ! -f "${MCFLY_HISTORY}" ]]; then
export MCFLY_HISTORY=$(command mktemp -t mcfly.XXXXXXXX)
command tail -n100 "${HISTFILE}" >| ${MCFLY_HISTORY}
# Write history to $MCFLY_HISTORY.
# Run mcfly with the saved code. It fill find the text of the last command in $MCFLY_HISTORY and save it to the database.
[ -n "$MCFLY_DEBUG" ] && echo "mcfly.zsh: Run mcfly add --exit ${exit_code}"
$MCFLY_PATH --history_format zsh add --exit ${exit_code}
return ${exit_code} # Restore the original exit code by returning it.
# Cleanup $MCFLY_HISTORY tmp files on exit.
exit_logger() {
[ -n "$MCFLY_DEBUG" ] && echo "mcfly.zsh: Exiting and removing $MCFLY_HISTORY"
command rm -f $MCFLY_HISTORY
# If this is an interactive shell, take ownership of ctrl-r.
if [[ $- =~ .*i.* ]]; then
mcfly-history-widget() {
() {
echoti rmkx
exec </dev/tty
local mcfly_output=$(mktemp -t mcfly.output.XXXXXXXX)
$MCFLY_PATH --history_format zsh search -o "${mcfly_output}" "${LBUFFER}"
echoti smkx
# Interpret commandline/run requests from McFly
while read -r key val; do
if [[ "$key" = "mode" ]]; then local mode="$val"; fi
if [[ "$key" = "commandline" ]]; then local commandline="$val"; fi
done < "${mcfly_output}"
command rm -f $mcfly_output
if [[ -n $commandline ]]; then
if [[ "${mode}" == "run" ]]; then
zle accept-line
zle redisplay
zle -N mcfly-history-widget
bindkey '^R' mcfly-history-widget