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REMEDI - REveal.js Markdown EDItor

REMEDI is a cross platform editor (build upon the electron framework) to author reveal.js presentation in markdown.


Each slide must be enclosed between ::::slide and ::::.

## Accessibility, for whom?

- Vision impairments
- Limited fine motor control
- Cognitive disabilities (rings a bell? :-P )
- Hearing impairments
- Older people (ourselve tomorrow)

to nest slides and get vertical slides,ᅠthe inner slide markup must have 3 : instead of 4, e.g.:

## Resources
### Standards
- [Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0](
- [Aria roles](
- [Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Checklist]( [dont't miss]
### Validators
- [HTML validator](
- [CSS validator](

To produce a fragment append {fragment} to a paragraph, e.g.:

My paragraph text{fragment}

After fragment you can specify the style: grow, shrink, fade-out, fade-up, current-visible, highlight-current-blue, highlight-red, highlight-green, highlight-blue. E.g.:

My paragraph text{fragment fade-out}

To change the transition effect simply choose the one you want from the transition menu.