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Light Android Launcher

Configurable, minimalistic, super lightweight app launcher with a low memory usage and small install size


  1. Main screen allows you to add/remove favourite apps.
  2. To access all-apps view, just swipe top vertically from bottom of your screen.
  3. Long press on all-apps view allows you to read info about app (API >= 9).
  4. To go back to favourites view press back button or swipe bottom vertically.
  5. Search box for installed apps.

Please take a note that due to issues with current Android's API versions e-paper version is limited and maintained on other repo (please check the further info).

Get it on:

Get it on F-Droid

Android version

Works with each Android version from 2.0 (API 5)

E-paper version

One of the goals of the app was to provide smooth experience for older e-paper devices like Nook Simple Touch (NST). Because of Android API changes I had to abandon this feature on this repo. If you wish to get e-paper version please go to this repo.

Free & Open Source

No trackers, no ads, and no device permissions. Open Source Code, available under GPLv2 license.


Project was done for my personal usage, but I am aware that some people prefer simplicity and some need low battery drain and processor usage - thats why I decided to share the project. Feel free to contribute.