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mailcow: dockerized - 🐮 + 🐋 = 💕

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Want to support mailcow?

Please consider a support contract with Servercow to support further development. We support you while you support us. :)

You can also get a SAL which is a one-time payment with no liabilities or returning fees.

Or just spread the word: moo.

Info, documentation and support

Please see the official documentation for installation and support instructions. 🐄

🐛 If you found a critical security issue, please mail us to info at


mailcow community

Telegram mailcow channel

Telegram mailcow Off-Topic channel

Telegram desktop clients are available for multiple platforms. You can search the groups history for keywords.


Important: mailcow makes use of various open-source software. Please assure you agree with their license before using mailcow. Any part of mailcow itself is released under GNU General Public License, Version 3.