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The old project name was Reverse.

PLASMA is an interactive disassembler. It can generate a more readable assembly (pseudo code) with colored syntax. You can write scripts with the available Python api (see an example below). The project is still in big development.

wiki : TODO list and some documentation.

It supports :

  • architectures : x86{64}, ARM, MIPS{64} (partially for ARM and MIPS)
  • formats : ELF, PE, RAW

Warning: until structures and type definitions are not implemented, the database compatibility could be broken.


  • python >= 3.4
  • capstone, tested with 4.0-alpha5
  • python-pyelftools
  • pefile + python3-future
  • python-msgpack >= 0.4.6
  • c++filt (available in the binutils Linux package)
  • terminal should support UTF8 and 256 colors (if not, use the option --nocolor)

Optional :

  • python-qt4 used for the memory map
  • keystone for the script



Or if you have already installed requirements with the previous command:

./ --update

Check tests :

84/84 tests passed successfully in 2.777975s
analyzer tests...

Pseudo-decompilation of functions

$ plasma -i tests/server.bin
>> v main
# you can press tab to show the pseudo decompilation
# | to split the window
# See the command help for all shortcuts


Take the control of the flow graph by inverting conditional jumps:


Scripting (Python API)

See more on the wiki for the API.

Some examples (these scripts are placed in plasma/scripts) :

$ plasma -i FILE
plasma> py !             # print all strings
plasma> py ! FUNCTION    # xdot call graph
plasma> py !              # detect some crypto constants
plasma> py ! CODE            # assemble with keystone
plasma> py ! HEX_STRING   # disassemble a buffer