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Check out the blog post I wrote about this project!

Basically it's like the fork() syscall except it can fork a process onto a different computer. It does this using a bunch of ptrace magic to serialize the memory mappings of the process, stream them over a pipe and recreate them on the other end along with the registers and some other process state.

How it works

Read the code in src/!. I specifically wrote it all in one file with tons of comments in an order meant to read top to bottom. Hopefully it should be easy enough to understand what it's doing, provided some familiarity with systems programming concepts.


  • basic and load: Save and restore a process state to a file
  • teleserver and teleclient: Fork a process to a remote server
  • yoyo_client and yoyo_client_raw: Execute a closure on a remote server by teleforking there and back
  • smallpt: Use yoyo to run a path tracing render on a remote server from a local executable.