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hasezoey 31c53c9f3d
docs(common-plugins): update versions for "@typegoose/auto-increment" 15 hours ago
hasezoey 749db10df3
docs: update notes about "mongoose-findorcreate" 16 hours ago
semantic-release-bot 671c530d1b release: v11.0.0 2 days ago
hasezoey 26d26544c1
Merge branch 'beta' 2 days ago
hasezoey ee90c7edd4
chore(website/yarn.lock): lockfile maintenance 2 days ago
hasezoey 3ab5d262be
chore(website): update docusaurus to 2.4.0 2 days ago
dependabot[bot] 4d04c68b58
chore(deps): bump actions/stale from 7 to 8 (#805) 2 days ago
semantic-release-bot 54abfdf762 release: v11.0.0-beta.3 2 days ago
hasezoey 8e964ea28d
dependencies(mongoose): upgrade to 7.0.3 2 days ago
hasezoey 3196d08959
dependencies(@semantic-release/changelog): upgrade to 6.0.3 2 days ago
hasezoey d7986a1ce5
dependencies(commitlint): upgrade to 17.5.0 2 days ago
hasezoey 0116947611
dependencies(@typescript-eslint/*): upgrade to 5.56.0 2 days ago
hasezoey 25bfc89f90
dependencies(eslint-config-prettier): upgrade to 8.8.0 2 days ago
hasezoey f23b668964
dependencies(rimraf): upgrade to 4.4.1 2 days ago
hasezoey c72bd0ce65
dependencies(prettier): upgrade to 2.8.7 2 days ago
hasezoey b5700a30ac
Merge branch 'master' into beta 2 days ago
semantic-release-bot 6d94435339 release: v10.3.4 6 days ago
Kerollos Magdy 6bd97ae87c
style(types): fix minor grammar mistakes (#803) 6 days ago
hasezoey 522e934ce5
docs(migrate-11): add file 1 week ago
hasezoey d41aa888d2
docs(migrate-10): fix wrong version mentioned 1 week ago
semantic-release-bot a54c9006a6 release: v11.0.0-beta.2 1 week ago
hasezoey bedb61d5c2
dependencies(mongoose): upgrade to 7.0.2 1 week ago
hasezoey 33952398cf
dependencies(rimraf): upgrade to 4.4.0 1 week ago
hasezoey fd2874bc01
dependencies(mongodb-memory-server): upgrade to 9.12.1 1 week ago
hasezoey a2aeefb7d8
dependencies(@types/jest): upgrade to 29.5.0 1 week ago
hasezoey 50491f0a6c
dependencies(jest): upgrade to 29.5.0 1 week ago
hasezoey 4417d748a3
dependencies(lint-staged): upgrade to 13.2.0 1 week ago
hasezoey 4b1db7a117
dependencies(eslint): upgrade to 8.36.0 1 week ago
hasezoey 9394fcf5b3
dependencies(eslint-config-prettier): upgrade to 8.7.0 1 week ago
hasezoey 40d882f9c1
dependencies(@typescript-eslint/*): upgrade to 5.55.0 1 week ago
hasezoey 8a9c8dbfae
Merge branch 'master' into beta 1 week ago
semantic-release-bot 637e565b04 release: v10.3.3 2 weeks ago
hasezoey a91e6c0b62
test: update "errors" snapshots 2 weeks ago
hasezoey 87f376ae7c
docs(mongoose-compatability): add version 10.3 2 weeks ago
hasezoey c777def88e
fix(errors): update E004 message and example 2 weeks ago
dependabot[bot] 5e5bcc86ca
chore(deps): bump webpack from 5.75.0 to 5.76.1 in /website (#798) 2 weeks ago
semantic-release-bot defe534c46 release: v10.3.2 2 weeks ago
hasezoey 5d8146465b
fix(globalOptions): another fix to check for "process" being undefined 2 weeks ago
semantic-release-bot e5468cc545 release: v10.3.1 2 weeks ago
hasezoey 39743e20a5
fix(typegoose): fix "process" variable checking for being undefined on browser 2 weeks ago
Kyle Gundrum a11eb4d3c7
docs(syntax-notes): fix broken link, syntax error, and improve grammar (#794) 4 weeks ago
Scott 9774d4e6a3
docs(syntax-notes): improve readability (#793) 4 weeks ago
semantic-release-bot 553e7e558c release: v11.0.0-beta.1 4 weeks ago
hasezoey edaad0ad4c
docs(syntax-notes): add file 4 weeks ago
hasezoey d8c1cd5382
test(utils::connect): remove "strictQuery" setting 4 weeks ago
hasezoey 02fc3bb107
style(hooks): update version notice 4 weeks ago
hasezoey eb4bbcf427
test(models::hook1): change "update" to "updateOne 4 weeks ago
hasezoey b3df459877
fix: update types and type-tests for mongoose 7.0 4 weeks ago
hasezoey 6aa8f17c6b
style(test::model::typeguards): add comments noting that a type is meant to be 4 weeks ago
hasezoey 6f5adfa8b3
test: convert all "ObjectID" to "ObjectId" 4 weeks ago