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ITypescript is an npm package that implements a TypeScript kernel for the Jupyter notebook, as a modification of IJavascript kernel. A Jupyter notebook combines the creation of rich-text documents (including equations, graphs and videos) with the execution of code in a number of programming languages.

The execution of code is carried out by means of a kernel that implements the IPython/Jupyter messaging protocol. There are kernels available for Python, Julia, Ruby, Haskell and many other languages.

Again, We have to emphasize these code is originally come from IJavascript kernel. We converted the code into typescript, and modified tiny fraction of it.

Main Features

  • Run TypeScript code within a node.js session

Following examples are translation of IJavascript's examples, from javascript to typescript.



If you're using Typescript, you should install node.js first. Follow the instruction of Node.js Download page or Node.js Installation page.

Also, you have to install jupyter. Follow the instruction of Installing Jupyter notebook.


After installing these, install ITypescript by typing following shell command (Linux/Unix/Mac):

sudo -H npm install -g itypescript

For windows, find node.js prompt, run it as administrator, and type:

npm install -g itypescript

Jupyter Kernel

You can install itypescript kernel globally with the following command:

sudo -H its --install=global

Or you can install it locally:

its --install=local

For further usage, check


First of all, thank you for taking the time to contribute. Please, read CONTRIBUTING and use the issue tracker for any contributions: support requests, bug reports, enhancement requests, pull requests, submission of tutorials...