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Yode is a fork of Node.js that replaces its event loop with GUI message loop, it is designed to be used together with the Yue library.

Changes to Node.js

  • The event loop is replaced with native GUI message loops:
    • On Linux it is GTK+ event loop;
    • On macOS it is Cocoa run loop;
    • On Windows it is Win32 message loop.
  • When the executable is appended with ASAR archive, Yode will try to start with with app inside the archive.
  • The process will not automatically quit when there is no work, you have to call the native APIs to quit the GUI message loop.
  • The process will quit when BOTH the GUI message loop and Node.js event loop have quit. So if there are still Node.js requests pending, the process will wait until all of them have finished.
  • There is a new process.versions.yode property added.
  • The process.stdin is not supposed to work.
  • On Windows the executable uses WINDOWS subsystem instead of CONSOLE subsystem, so unlike Node.js there is no console attached and REPL won't work.


The prebuilt binaries can be found in the Releases page, modules installed by npm can be used directly in Yode.

To package your Node.js project with Yode, you should use yackage.

Note that it is strong recommended to install the official Node.js with the same version of Yode, otherwise native modules installed by npm may not work correctly in Yode.


$ node ./build.js [x64|ia32]


The MIT license.